11/6 Weekly Media Release

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Weekly Media Release: November 9 – November 13, 2015

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NOTE: These represent only a few of the many cases which the Office of Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney is handling. If you have any comments, or need further information concerning these or any other matters please do not hesitate to call. An indictment is only an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until or unless found guilty. The enclosed court actions are subject to change.

According to the Rules of Criminal Procedure (RCr 3.02, 3.05, and 8.01), the arraignment of individuals whose case has been submitted directly to the grand jury shall take place within a reasonable time after the return of an indictment. If you are interested in a case that has been submitted directly to the grand jury, then please contact the court division in which it has been assigned to obtain the time and date of the arraignment.


Tevin Antoine 14CR2666 (Complicity to Robbery First Degree [4 Counts])

  • Mr. Antoine (DOB 08/29/92) The defendant claimed an intoxication defense but was found guilty on all four counts of Robbery 1 for robberies of gas station food marts. The penalty phase was settled for a term of 14 years.  The trial was conducted in Division 3 of Jefferson Circuit Court.  Steve Blandford was the prosecutor.


Antavis Ford, Donqua Johnson, Charles Reece, Infante Shoulder, Zachary Taylor, Terrance Miller – 15CR2931 (Criminal Syndication-[All], Robbery 1 [Reece, Taylor, Johnson], Receiving Stolen Property over $10,000, [Multiple Defendants, Multiple Counts] Receiving Stolen Property under $10,000, [Multiple Defendants, Multiple Counts], Receiving Stolen Property over $500.00 but less $10,000, [Multiple Defendants, Multiple Counts], Theft By Unlawful taking Over 10,000 [Taylor],  Receiving A Stolen Firearm [Taylor], Criminal Mischief [Taylor], Receiving Stolen Property Under $500 [Shoulders], Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon [Taylor])

  • The above individuals and several unindicted juveniles were involved in more than a dozen car thefts taking place this September and October. The LMPD Robbery Unit primarily developed the case and coordinated SWAT raids involving more than 30 SWAT officers; VIPER and St. Mathews Police have also had an active role.  The arraignment is scheduled for Monday, November 9, 2015 at 3:00 in Division 12 of Jefferson Circuit Court.  Critt Cunningham is the prosecutor.


Anton Anthony Anderson, 15CR0707 (Murder, Kidnapping, Robbery in the First Degree [3 counts], Possession of a Handgun by a Convicted Felon, Wanton Endangerment I [2 counts], and Persistent Felony Offender in the First Degree)

  • Mr. Anderson (DOB 6/29/84) is charged with the March 3, 2015, abduction and killing of Robert Robinson, who was taken from 38th Street to Beecher Terrace and then shot on the sidewalk of Liberty Court.  A pretrial conference is scheduled for November 13th at 9:00 in Division 9.  Elizabeth Jones Brown is the prosecutor.

Derrick Johnson- 15CR2916 (Fetal Homicide I, Assault I [4 counts]), Wanton Endangerment I, No Insurance, DUI-1st Aggravating Circumstances).

  • Mr. Johnson (DOB 05/15/80) is charged in connection with a motor vehicle crash which occurred on or about October 25, 2015, resulting in serious physical injury to four people and the death of a fetus. The Defendant was arraigned on November 5, 2015 in Division 9 of the Jefferson Circuit Court. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for December 1, 2015 at 8:30 A.M. Nathan Batey is the prosecutor.

Donte Baskette, Damen Lee, Jr., Junnie Ricketts, and Keenan Matthewson, 15CR1529 (Robbery in the First Degree, Burglary in the First Degree, and Kidnapping in the First Degree as to Baskette, Lee, and Matthewson.  Robbery in the First Degree (3 counts), and Burglary in the First Degree as to Lee and Ricketts.  Sodomy in the First Degree, Receiving a Stolen Firearm, and Possession of a Handgun by a Minor as to Lee.)

  • Damen Lee (DOB 12/31/98), Donte Baskette (DOB 11/19/91), and Keenan Matthewson (DOB 9/28/91) are charged with robbing a 77-year-old man on April 13, 2015, forcing him through his house at gunpoint while they stole items, and then forcing him into the trunk of his own vehicle.  They then stole another of the victim’s vehicles and fled in it.  Police found that vehicle abandoned where it had collided with a utility pole, checked the registration, and responded to the victim’s residence where they rescued him from his trunk.  Mr. Lee and Junnie Ricketts (DOB 7/22/99) are charged with robbing at gunpoint a woman in her home the following day, and Mr. Lee is charged with sodomy in relation to that incident.  The two are also charged with robbing two painters after they left the woman’s residence.  When Mr. Lee was arrested two days later, police recovered from his possession a gun stolen from the first crime scene.  A pretrial conference is scheduled for November 9th at 9:00 in Division 10.  Elizabeth Jones Brown is the prosecutor.

Trice Alexander Whaley, 15CR1742 (Murder, Robbery in the First Degree, Tampering with Physical Evidence, Intimidating a Participant in the Legal Process, and Persistent Felony Offender in the Second Degree)

  • Mr. Whaley (DOB 7/9/93) is charged with robbing and killing Mr. Brandon Bryant on June 11, 2015.  Mr. Bryant’s body was found in an alley behind 3014 W. Chestnut Street.   A pretrial conference is scheduled for November 9th at 9:30 a.m. in Division Six of the Jefferson Circuit Court.  Elizabeth Jones Brown is the prosecutor.


Jurmaine Henderson, 15CR0936 (Murder, Failure to Stop and Render Aid/Assistance, Wanton Endangerment in the First Degree [three counts], Operating a Motor Vehicle Without an Operator’s License, Failure to Produce Insurance Card, Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Intoxicants- First offense [Aggravated Circumstances], Improper Turn, and Failure to Secure Child in Child Restraint Device [two counts])

  • Mr. Henderson (DOB 7/3/79) is charged in connection with the March 21, 2015, collision in the 3900 block of Seventh Street Road that resulted in the death of Mr. James Walker, III and risk of death or serious physical to three other people, including two children.  A hearing on various motions is scheduled for Thursday, November 12, at 11:00 a.m. in Division 10 of the Jefferson Circuit Court. Mrs. Jennifer Murzyn Yancey is the prosecutor.

Leslee Wagner, 15CR0036 (Perjury 1 [One Count])

  • Ms. Wagner (DOB 09/19/80) is an LMPD officer charged in connection with her January 9th, 2014 Grand Jury testimony against a repossession worker stemming from an incident in which they were both involved September 5th 2013. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Friday, November 13, at 9:00 a.m. in Division 9 of the Jefferson Circuit Court.  Ms. Emily Cecil and Mr. Critt Cunningham are the prosecutors.