9/15 Weekly Media Release

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Weekly Media Release: September 18, 2017 – September 22, 2017

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NOTE: These represent only a few of the many cases which the Office of Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney is handling. If you have any comments, or need further information concerning these or any other matters please do not hesitate to call. An indictment is only an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until or unless found guilty. The enclosed court actions are subject to change.

According to the Rules of Criminal Procedure (RCr 3.02, 3.05, and 8.01), the arraignment of individuals whose case has been submitted directly to the grand jury shall take place within a reasonable time after the return of an indictment. If you are interested in a case that has been submitted directly to the grand jury, then please contact the court division in which it has been assigned to obtain the time and date of the arraignment.


William Mason, Jr. – 16CR1814 (Murder [Two counts], Possession of a Handgun by Convicted Felon, Tampering with Physical Evidence)

  • Mr. Mason (DOB 12/28/84) was convicted of the June 25, 2016 murders of Mr. Larry Thomas and Mr. John Bailey at 1603 Louis Coleman Dr. A third individual, Mr. Michael Bass, was also killed. The defendant and two others attempted to clean up the scene by wrapping the three deceased victims in carpeting cut from the floor around them. A Jury Trial began on this case on August 29th, 2017 and concluded on September 13, 2017.  The Jury returned a verdict of guilty for two of the three murders and recommended a sentence of Life in Prison. Shelly Alvey and Jennifer Murzyn Yancey are the prosecutors.


Michael Eddie Doertch Jr. – 16CR2172 (Murder, Persistent Felony Offender in the First Degree)

  • Mr. Doertch (DOB 05/27/83) is charged with the August 5, 2016, Murder of Eddie Garland. Mr. Doertch, admitted to striking the victim with a metal pole and then dragging the victim’s body outside of the house they were sharing. A pretrial conference is scheduled for September 22, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. in Division 7 of Jefferson Circuit Court.  Joshua F. Waldrop is the prosecutor.

Bud Thomas Jenkins Jr. – 17CR1264 (Burglary in the Third Degree [11 Counts], Criminal Possession of a Forged Prescription, Attempt to Obtain Controlled Substance by Fraud or Deceit)

  • Mr. Jenkins (DOB 02/13/65) is charged with a string of Burglaries occurring from November 17, 2016 to November 28, 2016. Often caught on store surveillance, Mr. Jenkins burglarized eight different businesses, hitting several businesses multiple times, using the same means of entry. A pretrial conference is scheduled for September 20, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in Division 5 of Jefferson Circuit Court. Madison Shoffner is the prosecutor.


Andre Morris – 17CR2628 (Criminal Attempt Murder [Domestic Violence], Assault in the First Degree [Domestic Violence], and Burglary in the First Degree)

  • Mr. Morris (DOB 02/10/69) is charged as a result of events that took place on August 26, 2017. On that date, the defendant went to the victim’s (Mr. Morris’ ex-girlfriend) residence and banged on the door. While attempting to tell Mr. Morris to leave, the victim was shot through the door by the defendant. Mr. Morris came into the house before he finally fled the residence. The victim sustained a large wound to the left side of her head. Mr. Morris is scheduled for a bond hearing on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 9:15 a.m. in Division 6 of Jefferson Circuit Court. Danielle Yannelli is the prosecutor.


Robert Newton – 16CR3102 (Distribution of Matter Portraying Sexual Performance by a Minor [20 counts], Possession of Matter Portraying Sexual Performance by a Minor [20 counts])

  • Mr. Newton (DOB 01/12/64) was found to have multiple images depicting child pornography on his computer. The Defendant admitted to possessing and distributing the pornographic matter. The Commonwealth has recommended a total of 5 years for the above charges. Final Sentencing is scheduled for September 19, 2017 at 1:15 in Division 8 of Jefferson Circuit Court. Adrienne Henderson is the prosecutor.

Theodore Rogers – 15CR2511 (Possession of a Handgun by a Convicted Felon, Cultivating Marijuana Greater than Five Plants)

  • Mr. Rodgers (DOB 05/19/62) was convicted by a jury of the above charges on August 1, 2017. The defendant was placed on home incarceration pending sentencing and was returned to jail one day later for, again, cultivating marijuana. The jury recommended a sentence of 5 years. Final Sentencing is scheduled for September 21, 2017 at 9:45 a.m. in Division 4 of Jefferson Circuit Court. John Balenovich and Kaleb Noblett are the prosecutors.


Lloyd Hammond – 16CR1169 (Murder [Two Counts], Burglary in the First Degree, Unlawful Imprisonment in the First Degree, Retaliating Against a Participant in the Legal Process)

  • Mr. Hammond (DOB 10/20/85) is charged with the June 3rd, 2006 home invasion and shooting death of William Sawyers (and unlawful imprisonment of Troya Sheckles), and the shooting death of Terrell Cherry on that same date.  A Jury Trial is tentatively scheduled to begin on September 22nd, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. in Division 7 of Jefferson Circuit Court.  Frank Dahl and Kirk Rose are the prosecutors.