1/29 Weekly Media Release

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Weekly Media Release: Jan. 29 – Feb. 2, 2018

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NOTE: These represent only a few of the many cases which the Office of Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney is handling. If you have any comments, or need further information concerning these or any other matters please do not hesitate to call. An indictment is only an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until or unless found guilty. The enclosed court actions are subject to change.

According to the Rules of Criminal Procedure (RCr 3.02, 3.05, and 8.01), the arraignment of individuals whose case has been submitted directly to the grand jury shall take place within a reasonable time after the return of an indictment. If you are interested in a case that has been submitted directly to the grand jury, then please contact the court division in which it has been assigned to obtain the time and date of the arraignment.


Michael Torrence – 16CR1550 (Assault in the First Degree, Wanton Endangerment in the First Degree, Possession of a Handgun by a Convicted Felon)

  • Mr. Torrence (DOB 01/22/89) was charged with shooting a victim near South 26th Street and Greenwood Avenue on May 17, 2016. A jury trial began on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 in Division 7 of Jefferson Circuit Court. On January 19, the jury convicted the defendant of the above charges. The recommended a sentence of 25 years in prison. Final Sentencing is scheduled for March 16, 2018 in Division 7 of Jefferson Circuit Court. The defendant is not eligible for probation. Critt Cunningham and Elizabeth Jones Brown are the prosecutors.


Michael Renee Hamblen – 18CR0281 (Murder, Possession of a Handgun by a Convicted Felon, and Tampering with Physical Evidence)

  • Mr. Hamblen (DOB 06/19/96) is charged in connection with the shooting death of Ms. Jasmine Newsome on January, 6, 2018.  The shooting occurred at 2309 West Ormsby Avenue.  An arraignment is scheduled for Monday, January, 29 2018, at 1:00 p.m. in Division 8 of Jefferson Circuit Court.  Peter Lovett is the prosecutor.


Travon Curry and Thaddius Thomas – 18CR0059   (Murder, Robbery in the First Degree, Receiving Stolen Property over $10,000, Wanton Endangerment in the First Degree, Tampering with Physical Evidence [Thomas], Possession of a Handgun by a Minor)

  • Mr. Curry (DOB 12/03/01) and Mr. Thomas (DOB 11/17/01) are charged with robbing and killing Jason Spencer on November 5, 2017 in the 1200 block of Everett Avenue.  Both defendants were 15 years old at the time of the incident. A third co-defendant, who was also 15 years old, is still pending in juvenile court.  A fourth co-defendant, who was 13 years old and the getaway driver of the stolen vehicle, will not be tried as an adult. Mr. Curry and Mr. Thomas were arraigned on January 22, 2018.  A bond hearing is scheduled for January 30, 2018 at 9:15 a.m. in Division 6 of Jefferson Circuit Court, and a pretrial conference is scheduled for March 23, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. Emily Lantz is the prosecutor.


Stephon Craig, Wallace Louis, Jr., Brandon Rauh, and Mario Vricic – 14CR2416 (Robbery in the First Degree [Multiple Counts])

  • Messrs. Craig (DOB 08/15/86), Louis (DOB 11/19/87), Rauh (DOB 09/26/92), and Vricic (DOB 09/30/93), are charged in connection with multiple robberies of Radio Shack and Verizon Wireless stores between June 13, 2014, and September 5, 2014 where they were stealing cell phones and taking them to Chicago to be sold. A Trial is scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, 2018, at 9 a.m. in Division 1 of the Jefferson Circuit Court. Jennifer Murzyn Yancey is the prosecutor.

Lloyd Hammond – 16CR1169 (Murder [Two Counts], Burglary in the First Degree, Unlawful Imprisonment in the First Degree, Retaliating Against a Participant in the Legal Process)

  • Mr. Hammond (DOB 10/20/85) is charged with the June 3rd, 2006 home invasion and shooting death of William Sawyers (and unlawful imprisonment of Troya Sheckles), and the shooting death of Terrell Cherry on that same date.  A Jury Trial is ongoing in Division 7 of Jefferson Circuit Court.  Frank Dahl and Kirk Rose are the prosecutors.