10/24 Weekly Circuit Court Reports

Update: Note corrections on arraignments from yesterday’s post.

From the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Please see our Circuit Court Reports page at louisvilleprosecutor.com/circuit-court-reports for more information and archives.

All report titles link to PDF documents:

Pursuant to JRP 302, there shall be no motion hour in Jefferson Circuit Court during the week of Judicial College. All motions noticed for October 28th will be passed to Monday – November 4th.

Judicial coverage for in-custody arraignments (MH) and bench warrants will be as follows:

Monday – October 28, 2019
9:00 am – Divisions 1-6 (in-custody ARRs and BWs)
801 – Judge Stevens

1:00 pm – Divisions 7-13 (in-custody ARRs and BWs)
801 – Judge Stevens