The Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney occupies a critical position in the criminal justice system. Commonly referred to as the District Attorney in most states, the Commonwealth’s Attorney must focus the power of the state on those who defy its laws. As legal representative for the people, the Commonwealth’s Attorney has the duty to seek justice for all.

Gerina D. Whethers - click for bio
Gerina D. Whethers,
appointed Commonwealth’s Attorney in May 2023.

The mission of the Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 30th Judicial Circuit of Kentucky is to promote public safety through the ethical, fair and just prosecution of criminal offenses; to advocate for justice for the victims of crimes; to safeguard the rule of law; to promote citizens’ confidence in the criminal justice system by treating all persons with fairness, dignity and respect, and to collaborate with all members of the criminal justice system to ensure the rights of all persons are respected.

Prosecutors have a responsibility as ministers of justice and not simply as advocates.  This responsibility requires that they prosecute the guilty and protect the innocent.  It is their obligation and mission to ensure that the rights of all parties are protected throughout the criminal justice process.

The goal of every employee is to be individuals of character and courage who provide the highest quality effort and conscientiously seek to improve the criminal justice system and strengthen our community.

We value:

  • Ethics, Integrity, and Justice, which guide our actions;
  • Professionalism, Teamwork, and Excellence of our prosecutors and support staff;
  • Hard Work and Dedication to our Mission;
  • Fairness, Diligence, and Respect to all, including victims, witnesses, judges, defense lawyers, defendants, jurors, law enforcement personnel, clerks, court personnel, deputy sheriffs, probation and parole officers, corrections staff, and all others involved in the criminal justice system; and,
  • Collaboration and Partnership with other advocates for justice in the system.