Support Staff

CATCH (Commonwealth Attorney’s Tracking and Case History)

  • Ashlen Meisel – Director & Information Technology Media Specialist
  • Brittany McDowell – Data Entry Specialist


The Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney is supported by fourteen detectives. In October of 1997 the office took over all fugitive retrieval duties for the City of Louisville and St. Matthews. In July of 2002, the Commonwealth’s Detectives also took over all fugitive and extradition duties for all of Metro Louisville formerly served by the Jefferson County Police. In addition to these vital extradition duties, in some circumstances they assist in case investigations. The detectives also serve subpoenas, warrants and locate witnesses for the prosecution.

  • Gary Williamson – Chief of Detectives

– Extradition Unit

  • Steve Boughey
  • Steve Hughley
  • Larry May
  • Kevin Mumphrey
  • Rhonda Pendigraph
  • Brian Thompson
  • Susan Williams (Deputy)
  • Brian Wright
  • Paul Young

– Prosecution Support Unit

  • Wesley Brown
  • Mike Smithers

Grand Jury

  • Katie Goodwin – Grand Jury Secretary
  • Crystal Grimes – Grand Jury Coordinator
  • Carisa Washington-Hines – Case Coordinator

Information Technology

  • Nathan McClellan – Assistant Director
  • Travis Wade – Associate

Law Clerks

  • Jillian Benningfield
  • Elma Jasarevic
  • Phillip Matthews
  • Martin Watts


  • Pypar Atkins – General Trial
  • Danielle Brown – Violent Crimes Unit
  • Sarah Butler – Special Victims Unit
  • Judy Comstock – General Trial
  • Louanne Durbin – Violent Crimes Unit
  • Lisa Durham – General Trial
  • Shana Farmer – Grand Jury
  • Cidnei Johnson – General Trial
  • Nikki LaBordeaux – General Trial
  • Melanie Montgomery – Special Victims Unit
  • Christine Rosson – Special Victims Unit
  • Deborah Storch – Rocket Docket
  • Denita Walker – General Trial
  • Jordan Ware – General Trial
  • Camryn Young – General Trial


  • Alice Lucas

Restitution Coordinator

  • Ellen Burt

Victim Advocates

Mission Statement: The Victim Advocacy Team of the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney shall fulfill its statutory duties to counsel and assist crime victims and to perform those duties necessary to insure compliance with the Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights… thus promoting our commitment to those of Jefferson County who suffer direct or threatened physical, financial or emotional harm as the result of the commission of a crime.

Victim Advocates and Their Services: Victim Advocates, created and authorized by statute work closely to assist the victims of crime and witnesses. Our team provides a wide range of services, including: crisis counseling, community social service agency referrals, assistance in encountering the court system, victim and witness notification, transportation and escort to the courtroom, and notification of case status and disposition. See also our information on the Victim Services page.

  • Michael Buckner
  • Candace Corona (Se Habla Español)
  • Mary Forman
  • Kathy Gray
  • Stanisha Liggons
  • Gaby Perez (Se Habla Español)
  • Allison Shaw
  • Kathy Steele
  • Courtney M. Taylor