Economic Crime Liaison

The Economic Crime Liaison, Emily Talbott, screens and reviews all types of nonviolent crimes committed for financial gain. The Liaison aggressively pursues allegations of fraud characterized by complex methods of deception and unlawful concealment and has the responsibility of prosecuting a broad range of illegal financial schemes, more commonly referred to as “white collar crime.” Working closely with the Grand Jury staff, the Liaison is focused on fraud-based crimes, including theft by deception, theft by failure to make required disposition of property, forgery, issuing bad checks, commercial bribery, embezzlement, and insurance fraud.

Experience has shown that citizens do not hesitate to identify suspected fraudulent activity in their community. Often, it is necessary for law enforcement agencies to conduct detailed and complex investigations into equally complex financial crimes. The Economic Crime Liaison maintains close contact with all local police agencies, especially the Fraud Unit of the Louisville Metro Police department, and other economic crime task forces, to address relevant economic crime issues and to facilitate communication between agencies.