Felony Mental Health Court Liaison

Felony Mental Health Court began in 2012 in Jefferson Circuit Court. This is a special docket of cases created specifically for individuals with severe mental illness diagnosis that are charged with felony crimes. Judge Susan Schultz-Gibson presides over these cases in circuit court. The goal is to identify those charged with criminal offenses who have a severe mental illness diagnosis and provide resources through Seven Counties Services to address their mental health needs, and to keep them compliant with the requirements of probation and parole. Defendants on this docket appear in court bi-weekly and can graduate to monthly and quarterly reporting to court based on their compliance with treatment and probation and parole.

As the Felony Mental Health Court Liaison, Bill Adams reviews and serves as the chief prosecutor for the cases on this treatment docket. He meets regularly with Seven Counties treatment team and Probation and Parole. Narcotics Paralegal Nikki LaBordeaux tracks the progress of participants, maintains data, and assists with document preparation.