Homicide Liaison

The Homicide Liaison, Elizabeth Jones Brown, is responsible for receiving the initial contact from law enforcement officers regarding homicides, thereby beginning the thorough, efficient, professional and uniform screening and prosecution of murder, manslaughter and reckless homicide cases in Metro Louisville (Jefferson County). Local law enforcement agencies, especially the Louisville Metro Police Department, cooperate in this effort by notifying the Homicide Liaison when a homicide has occurred or is being investigated. If advice or assistance is needed quickly, then the Homicide Liaison renders it. This Liaison also is in charge of the Capital Case Unit involving potential death penalty cases. Such cooperation assists both the police and the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office in developing intelligence in other areas of criminal activity related to major crimes. Ultimately, the Homicide Liaison assigns each homicide case, on a rotation basis, to a pair of prosecutors who prepare the case for presentation in court and for trial.