Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit aggressively prosecutes national, state and local drug organizations and users. This unit works closely with Metro Narcotics, a joint law enforcement task force, to follow drug cases from investigation through prosecution and sentencing. The Unit also works closely with federal agencies to ensure that the community is protected from all levels of narcotics organizations.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys

Support Staff

  • Lisa Durham – Paralegal
  • Cidnei Johnson – Paralegal
  • Nikki LaBordeaux – Paralegal

Rocket Docket

The Progressive Criminal Justice Plan, or “Rocket Docket,” consists of prosecutors who work closely with District Court officials to cut through the red tape and bring a prompt and fair resolution for victims of felonies.

The Rocket Docket office is located on the second floor of the Hall of Justice building, one block away from the main Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Rocket Docket
600 W Jefferson St, Suite #2053
Louisville, KY 40202