Senior Narcotics Prosecutors

The primary function of the Senior Narcotics Prosecutors (Mark Baker and Bill Adams) is to assist, advise and train Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys and other local law enforcement officers, especially with the Louisville Metro Police Department, in the investigation and prosecution of those individuals involved in illegal controlled substance offenses in Jefferson County. This Senior Prosecutor also is responsible for arranging training seminars and educational services to schools, civic & community groups and the public in general, upon request.

For many years, a separate specialty division called the Narcotics Unit operated within the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. The Narcotics Unit was funded mainly by the Federal Government through Byrne Grant monies that provided funding to each State for narcotics enforcement efforts. Several years ago, under the most recent Bush administration, those funds were withdrawn and not available. As a result of that loss of federal funds and a later internal reorganization, the Narcotics Unit as a distinct division was eliminated in favor of a system in which drug prosecutions are handled by all members of the general trial divisions.

The Senior Narcotics Prosecutors act as advisors and trainers for all other prosecutors on staff regarding all aspects of drug prosecutions, including:

  • Conducting proactive Special Narcotics Investigations
  • Undercover drug purchases
  • Use of confidential informants
  • Surveillance of suspected drug activity
  • Preparation and execution of search warrants
  • Advice on complex search and seizure issues
  • Gathering and maintaining narcotics intelligence information
  • Coordination of drug investigations by other law enforcement agencies, including local, state and federal
  • Asset Forfeiture, state and federal

By thoroughly reviewing and screening of Special Narcotics Investigations, and by being available to give immediate legal assistance to officers planning a case investigation, the Senior Narcotics Prosecutor helps the police avoid the frustration of preparing a case that may be legally insufficient.

Also, the Senior Narcotics prosecutors are involved with the Drug Endangered Child (DEC) Training Network. This organization seeks to increase community and professional awareness of the impact of adult drug involvement on children.